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Sussex Books

Shaun Cooper

Some villages have witch legends – but most do not. In East Sussex, there are at least 13 places which have them, and in West Sussex nearly 50. Some of these are fairly typical of the kinds of witch legends found all over Britain, such as that of Old Mother Venus of Laughton, who was said to become a hare, or Jenny Saker of Goring who changed into a big black dog, and Dame Prettylegs of Albourne who was reputed to immobilize wagons and teams, or Witch Killick of Crowborough who ill-wished a neighbour to fall sick; and then there are some which are not so common, such as one about Mrs. Kitchener of Loxwood who sat on a hurdle and rode it like a horse; and of the landlord of The Fox Inn, at Fox Hill, who was shot in the legs when he was a hare, and Nanny Smart of Hurstpierpoint who, old though she was, could not die until she had passed her witchcraft secrets to someone else; or Butter Ede of Petworth who always had a big black cat with her, and Old Martha of Plumpton who ran backwards brandishing long knives; or Dame Garson of Duddleswell, who was chased by hounds when she was a hare, and leapt in through the window of her cottage, calling: “Ah, my boys, you ain’t got me yet!”
But the fear of witchcraft seems to have lingered long in some of the remote parts of Sussex, even to within living memory – according to the sentiments of various Sussex writers – and so there are tales here which are even more eldritch, such as one about a witch-hare at Slinfold that was shot with a silver bullet, and another at Stedham who was torn to pieces by fox-hounds; or of the notorious Wigperry witch, who came back as a ghost and haunted Bedlam pond, sitting on the surface of the water, holding a spindle.
This book takes a close look at the witch legends of Sussex, and also describes many from the shires and other places, as well as the various old counter-spells that were used, and it discusses Sussex legends of fairies and dragons too.

The book has been developed from the earlier British Witch Legends of Sussex to become a very much revised, vastly expanded, and far more comprehensive volume, with a better folkloristic perspective on the subject, and it also has tales and witch lore from many more villages, including over twenty in Sussex.

Paperback 210 X 148mm 276 pages
A MUST for folklore enthusiasts
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-79-6

Price £13.00

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The dictionary was first published in 1875 by the vicar of Selmeston, the Rev WD Parish. He also recorded provincialisms in use in the county at that time. This new edition is augmented by further pieces on the Sussex dialect, traditional recipes, and a mumming play from West Wittering from the writings of EV Lucas, who died in 1938. Illustrated throughout with line drawings of Sussex views made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Frederick L Griggs, ARA.

Paperback 220 x 150mm 192 pages
70 line drawings
2001 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 68 2

Price £7.50

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A Sussex village
A Native, A Minor (William Smith Ellis)

Sadly, the first edition I have of this book was so badly printed it proved impossible to produce a good facsimile. I have therefore completely reset the original text – retaining the author’s spelling and errors in spite of the urge to correct such examples as Doomsday (sic). I have added some contemporary engravings to the book from my collections.

Biographical note on the author; author’s preface; Romans, Saxons and the Domesday Book; Norman lords; de Blois; de Warren; de Pierrepoint; Nona Return 1341; 17th century landowners; the Manor of Hurst; Hurstmonceaux Castle and church; the Dacre family; the Goring family; customs of the Manor of Hurstpierpoint; the Manor of Leigh at Hurstpierpoint and Cuckfield; the Manor of Pacons; Danny; the Campion family; ecclesiastical history; the church; charitable donations; baptisms; marriages; burials; monumental inscriptions; miscellaneous notes; associations; bridges; population; county voters; perambulation of Hurstpierpoint.

Paperback 210 x 148mm 96 pages
Ten 19th century engravings
Country Books
ISBN 978 1 906789 59 6

Price £14.50

Book 106 Image


The extraordinary exploits of a Sussex family from Munich to the Somme, St. Petersburg and the Hollywood Hills
Tim Parker

“Who do you think you are? Well, it has taken me some sixty odd years to find out. ‘A Question of Identity’ is the story of what I discovered.” Tim Parker, June 2018.

Just who were the Schwabes of Hastings  and what did they do? In this enchanting biography Tim Parker reveals their past, their extraordinary accomplishments, sacrifices and their true identity.

The book describes a luxury hotel in Hastings, the Albany, socialising with the celebrated authors Conan Doyle and Arthur Ransome, and MI6 Operations in St Petersburg at the time that Rasputin was shot and the revolution was fomenting. Then there were the trials and tribulations of two World Wars when the Schwabe family, eleven in number, suffered grievous loss and heart ache. As soon they were old enough the Schwabe sons joined the army serving in the First World War in the Fusiliers and the Royal Sussex Regiments. The next generation served with the Navy and the Royal Airforce in the Second World War.  

It is a riveting tale and there is glamour too, with theatre, the rise of the Elstree film studios, Ingrid Bergman, Cecil Parker and Hollywood as well as engagement with occupational careers in the Merchant Navy, Textiles, Chemicals and a concert pianist too.
Like most real family sagas the reader will share elation but also pathos, the horrors of war, the uplifting support of family love and the successes which were proudly earned. August wanted to become an Englishman, and with the help of his family that’s what he became.

But where did the Schwabes go? An unusual name not found in the telephone directories of a later age. That is the mystery behind this intriguing true story.

On reading the story, Julian Parker, Master Mariner and grandson of Charles August Schwabe, said: “My father, like most men of his generation, was a private man, but I was astonished to learn that in those war years he never talked about he had been in Russia and, miraculously, had escaped from the notorious Peter & Paul Fortress and near certain execution by the Bolsheviks by swimming the mighty river Neva.”

Paperback 234 x 156mm 94 pages
43 illustrations in colour and B&W
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-920489-48-2

Price £14.50

Book 159 Image


by Maude Robinson of Saddlescombe

Maude Robinson was born in May 1859 at Saddlescombe where her father, Martin Robinson, had a 900-acre farm. Her childhood was idyllic and she wrote an account of it that appeared in the Sussex County Magazine in 1935. A South Down Farm in the Sixties was issued by J.M. Dent in 1938. The book provides many interesting insights into agricultural practices she also explains what home life was like on a farm in such a secluded situation. In 1872 Maude Robinson went to a private boarding school at Lewes. The school regime was Spartan but the mistresses were kindly and a good education was provided. One by one the older Robinson children moved away from Saddlescombe until, after the death of her parents, only Ernest, who ran the farm, and Maude remained. Both of them loved the downland and took an interest in its wildlife.

Paperback 210 x 148 mm 82 pages
19 photos
2004 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 93 4

Price £8.50

Book 5 Image


Anne Parfitt-King

Amy Sawyer was a prolific and unusual Victorian artist, with an interest in folk tales, witches and faeries. She exhibited at the Royal Academy many times and at many other galleries. Today, she is an almost forgotten artist, but her Sussex Village Plays, written while living in the small village of Ditchling, are still remembered by the older residents. She is also recorded in the histories of her friends; Eric Gill, Edward Johnston, the Sinden family and Joanna and Hillary Bourne, who founded Ditchling Museum. In her last ten years, in the letters to her sister in Australia, she describes with wit and asperity life in the village.

Paperback 245 x 170mm 186 pages
36 colour and 65 black and white illustrations
Country Books

Price £15.00

Book 125 Image


Iris Watts

We all need guardian angels at some times in our lives. Children need them, too. Take Josh, for instance. He’s terrified of singing solo in his school’s carol service, or Harry who gets lost in a wood as darkness falls, and Stevie comes to their rescue. Stevie is a very modern angel who, with his friend Angelina, can shape shift into all sorts of helpful friends. Even a dolphin!
These charming stories about children being rescued from difficult
situations are written for young people from five years old upwards and are beautifully illustrated by Jo Dowers and Molly Moore who has just started at her secondary school.

Illustrated in colour and B&W

Paperback 210 x 148mm 108 pages
Proceeds from the sale of this book are to be donated to Boxgrove Priory.
Country Books

Price £5.00

Book 151 Image


Incorporating 1859 Breads's guide to Worthing and a description of the Miller's Tomb

Facsimile of the South-Eastern Counties of England series and comprises 184 pages. There is a folding map of the county and steel engravings of the chain pier at Brighton, Hastings and Chichester Cathedral. Major towns are covered as well as the smaller villages.

Paperback 210 x 148 mm 276 pages
Engravings and folding map.
2000 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 21 7

Price £8.95

Book 10 Image


Catrin Edwards-Jones

Having studied physiotherapy and beauty therapy, the author worked as a beautician at Harvey Nichols and Yardley of Old Bond Street in London.
Marriage brought a move to Brighton, where she later studied
portraiture and textile art at Brighton Art College. This led to her opening a studio in St. Ives, Cornwall. where she also taught Textile Art at the St. Ives School of Painting and Truro College. She now lives in Brighton, where she has studied creative writing at Sussex University.

Examples of: embroidery, painting, knitting, quilting, hangings,
patchwork, patchwork with applied inserts, stained glass, machine quilted batik, applied leather on velvet, wax resist watercolours,
transfer printing onto satin, etc.

Hardback 245 x 170mm 126 pages
Country Books

Price £21.00

Book 154 Image


Chris McKiernan

An ordinary day at Halsteads Valuers in London is turned upside down for Des Mason, Head of Ancient Artifacts, when Russian beauty, Gloria Lorskaya, arrives with a diadem, she claims dates from Ancient Troy, for his valuation.

Later that same evening, his girlfriend, Charlie, a passionate pro-European, reminds him of his previous drunken promise to infiltrate the Vote OUT campaign disguised as Desiree; the aim being to discover and hopefully thwart that campaign’s plans in the lead up to the European Referendum 2016.

Thus begins for Des a search not only for the truth behind the story of the Trojan War but also for the dark Russian forces aiming to manipulate the Referendum and ultimately for his own gender identity.

Paperback 198 x 129mm 272 pages
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-56-7

Price £8.99

Book 160 Image



Legend tells that Eastbourne can never be destroyed because the 7th Duke of
Devonshire left his heart here. The Nazi’s had a good go. Eastbourne was one of the most bombed towns on the South Coast. They failed miserably. Even with all the modern buildings Eastbourne retains something unique, a special quality that’s hard to define.

A stroll anywhere along the promenade from Meads to Fisherman’s Green will fill you with awe and admiration. The
stunning Victorian architecture, the beautifully laid out boulevards, gardens and pier all add to Eastbourne’s intoxicating mix.

A dream, that started in the middle of the Victorian Era, continues to flourish to this day. Eastbourne still holds the accolade as one of the finest seaside resorts in the world. But how did the dream start? Where did it all begin? How were a few out-lying hamlets and farmers fields so superbly redesigned to bring this empress of
watering places to life?

In Eastbourne, Building A Duke’s Dream, world renowned author Alex Askaroff tells the story in his own unique style, reviving long forgotten characters from the town including the odd ghost, gruesome murder, sacred wells, smugglers, kings and queens, even a witch! It is a tale not to miss.

Paperback 230 X 155mm 200 pages
Country Books

Price £9.99

Book 169 Image


Alex Askaroff

Legend tells that Eastbourne can never be destroyed because the 7th Duke of
Devonshire left his heart here. The Nazi’s had a good go. Eastbourne was one of the most bombed towns on the South Coast. They failed miserably. Even with all the modern buildings Eastbourne retains something unique, a special quality that’s hard to define.

A stroll anywhere along the promenade from Meads to Fisherman’s Green will fill you with awe and admiration. The
stunning Victorian architecture, the beautifully laid out boulevards, gardens and pier all add to Eastbourne’s intoxicating mix.

A dream, that started in the middle of the Victorian Era, continues to flourish to this day. Eastbourne still holds the accolade as one of the finest seaside resorts in the world. But how did the dream start? Where did it all begin? How were a few out-lying hamlets and farmers fields so superbly redesigned to bring this empress of
watering places to life?

In Eastbourne, Building A Duke’s Dream, world renowned author Alex Askaroff tells the story in his own unique style, reviving long forgotten characters from the town including the odd ghost, gruesome murder, sacred wells, smugglers, kings and queens, even a witch! It is a tale not to miss.

Hardback 246 X 189mm 194 pages
Country Books

Price £19.99

Book 170 Image


Fifty Years of The Seaford Head Local Nature Reserve 1969-2019
Alison Baker

1969 was a momentous year. Man walked on the Moon for the first time, the iconic Woodstock pop festival was held, the Beatles released their equally iconic Abbey Road album and, not to be outdone, Seaford Head became a Local Nature Reserve.
Declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in 1953 as part of the Seaford to Beachy Head designation, this popular and much used site is also part of the Sussex Downs National Park and the Sussex Heritage Coast. It is a Site of Nature Conservation Importance, a Local Geological Site, a Regionally Important Geomorphological Site and was declared a Voluntary Marine Conservation Area in 1987. The Vanguard Way long distance footpath passes through on its way from Newhaven to Croydon.
2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the designation of this unique location as a Local Nature Reserve and this book was commissioned to document and celebrate those first fifty years.

Paperback 246 X 189mm 124 pages
Country Books

Price £13.50

Book 171 Image


News from a Sussex village
Ian Hilder

By the end of the War, Barcombe, an agricultural parish of 1,277 people, had supplied 176 men to the Armed Forces, 36 of whom did not return. What was daily life like for those who were left behind?
Life certainly wasn’t dull, with the parish led by a smock-wearing squire, commanding a cyclists’ battalion, while promoting a resurgence of the sport of stoolball for wounded servicemen. They are joined by a new Rector and schoolmaster and an unwitting collaborator in the ‘Piltdown Man’ hoax.
Using articles from the Sussex Express, supported by contemporary images, postcards and documents, we follow village life from the eager volunteers of 1914 and their news from the front, to the fund-raising events for refugees and servicemen, and on to conscription and the military tribunals of 1916. The village plans a fete for convalescing soldiers, while Women’s Land Army workers make their first appearance on local farms.
Once the war had ended the parish began to consider how best to commemorate the dead, support the survivors and plan for the Peace Celebrations.

Paperback 245 x 190mm 248 pages
Over 200 illustrations, many in colour
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-61-1

Price £9.99

Book 167 Image


by Dick Richardson

This book surveys crime and the treatment of criminals in bygone Sussex, illustrated with extracts from late 18th century copies of the Sussex Weekly Advertiser, the county's first weekly news-paper. “You may as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.”The saying dates back to the days when sheep-stealing was punishable by death. For stealing a lamb you would be “hanged by the neck until you were dead.” The same punishment was meted out for stealing a sheep, so you ran no greater risk for stealing the more valuable article. (This law was repealed in 1828.)


Paperback 210 x 148 mm 80 pages
Engravings, woodcuts and photographs.
2003 County Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 85 9

Price £6.95

Book 31 Image



by Viscountess Wolseley, with Biographical introduction: Richard Knowles

From a series of articles in the Sussex County Magazine 1926-1935. Index of family names.

Paperback 246 x 189 mm 352 pages
236 mono pictures

ISBN 978 1 901214 94 9

Price £20.00

Book 34 Image



by Viscountess Wolseley, with Biographical introduction: Richard Knowles

Frances Garnet Wolseley was born in London in 1872. She was very much a countrywoman who loved both hunting and taking long solitary walks with her dogs. Early in 1898 the Wolseleys rented Glynde Place and she had by then trained as a gardener. In 1903 her mother saw an advertisement placed by a lady gardener who was in ‘distressed circumstances' and engaged her. Her employment then sparked the idea of founding a school for lady gardeners. Arthur Beckett founded the Sussex County Magazine in December 1926 and asked her to contribute a series entitled Historic Houses of Sussex. Over the years that followed she described 115 houses, the last four articles appearing posthumously. In Myth and Memory she declared that she would always be glad that she had been chosen to write the series for it enabled her to spend her summers exploring the county she loved looking at fascinating houses. In winter she did her research.

This book contains the articles she wrote between 1926 and 1935 on West Sussex. (Historic Houses of East Sussex & their Owners is also published by Country Books.) These books should prove invaluable for the lover of old Sussex houses, and with an index of family names, for those tracing their family tree. The very fact that she was a viscountess, opened doors to her. Several of these old buildings had been reduced to farm houses. Many of them are still in private hands - where circumstances have changed, they are mentioned at the end of each article.

Paperback 246 x 189 mm 464 pages
341 black and white photos.

ISBN 978 1 906789 04 6

Price £25.00

Book 35 Image


John Ireland

Thomas Ireland, an ancestor of the author, spent his whole life in the mid-Sussex village of Balcombe. From the early days of the London to Brighton railway line Thomas was a signalman at Balcombe tunnel, but long before that he had followed his father and other relatives into the woodland craft of the barrel hoop maker. Alongside his duties with the railway company he continued to be very active in this trade for the rest of his life. In joining the railway he made a quantum leap from the life of the rural workman into the industrial world. But what marks out this member of the nineteenth century rural working class is that he was highly literate. People from the village frequently came to him to have their letters read or written. Probably to a large extent self-taught, he read voraciously and – most significantly – wrote down what he learned in a series of thirty or so pocket note books. In most of these he kept a journal. John Ireland, who has known Balcombe all his life, inherited these diaries, and his book uses them to provide a prism through which the varied aspects of Thomas’s life and character are revealed.

Paperback 210 X 148mm 70 pages
rural crafts and the early railway in Balcombe, Sussesx
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-906789-79-4

Price £6.99

Book 119 Image


A Lewes ghost walk and tales of other strange things
Jane Hasler & Nick Cole

Lewes has its fair share of stories about strange things, history and legends. Legends of Lampit Lewes brings together a collection of these tales in which ghosts, murderers, saints and hangings abound. The book’s inspiration began in the 1990s when two friends, Jane Hasler and Nick Cole, discovered a shared interest in such things and a deep love of the town. Originally conceived and performed as a guided walk, including once at the Lewes Festival, the reader can now take this tour for themselves and learn of mysteries, miracles, murder, magic and quite a few phantoms too....if they dare! The book includes a route map of Lewes, with numbered stops for each story. Jane and Nick enjoyed creating this work and guiding the walk together though they only got to perform it a handful of times. Sadly, Nick died in 2011. Jane has now published it for posterity and for those interested in such things in the unique and historic town of Lewes. Illustrated by Kevin Stewart Cantwell BA (Hons.)

Paperback 210 X 148mm 70 pages
the author is offering discounts for multiple orders / wholesale price,
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-80-2

Price £8.50

Book 174 Image


John Snelling

magine if you will a long train journey, during which you start chatting with the stranger opposite and realise later that a couple of hours have passed easily by, full of fascinating anecdote, light and shade, wit and wisdom; an all too rare treat in our hectic but increasingly isolated modern life.You part as new friends, vowing to stay in touch. That is how I felt on reading this little gem of a book for the first time. Storytelling in an easy conversational style.

‘If you want to be a writer, write’ was never more apposite than here. John has clearly been thinking and writing for most of his life, and the range of this collection is impressive. Social comedy, local history, the use of very different voices and some subtle and moving poetry.

The silver thread which runs through it all is that of a devoted and close family within and outside the Anglican church, with some deft pen-portraits of great men and women who made a largely unsung difference to many lives. As a record of vanished times, small scale and local, it will be an ornament to any social history collection, and it fulfils an important role in the fast-disappearing narrative on which future historians and biographers will come to rely.

Amusing, thought-provoking, puckish and intimate by turns, peopled by types whom we we will all know from our own lives, but never stereotypical, this is a quiet celebration of an English life which many of us will recognise with affection and nostalgia without ever wishing to turn back the clock.

Hardback 210 x 148mm 272 pages
Preface by Christina Maude
Country Books
ISBN 978-1910489-52-9

Price £20.00

Book 163 Image


by Rev P de Putron

A facsimile of this scarce book published in 1875 of choice examples of Sussex archaeology. Over 300 early-mid 19th century engravings. Churches ‘restored' by the Victorians; the Star Inn at Alfriston before the timber frame was exposed; the shrine of St Lawrence at Ottenham Abbey, Henfield; old manor houses, etc. An invaluable source for those researching local or family history.

295 x 205 mm 160 pages
2005 Ashridge Press
ISBN 978 1 901214 49 9

Price £18.50

Book 41 Image


by Rev. Edward Boys Ellman

First published 1912. Edward Boys Ellman was born in 1815 and was rector of Berwick, East Sussex, for sixty years. A keen observer of life and people, this is a fascinating portrait of life in a small village in the 19th century. Among other humourous incidents is the installation of the barrel organ in the church - that insisted on playing secular tunes, and the lady in Lewes, who asked the shopkeeper to trim a yard off the bottom of a dress while she saved up for it! He died on 22nd February 1906. Index of surnames and place-names

Paperback 210 x 148 mm 269 pages
Photographs and line drawings.
2004 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 87 3

Price £9.95

Book 44 Image


Jennifer Lunenborg

More than just a recipe book, but a lifestyle change, encouraging time out from busy schedules to learn from a simpler time. This book not only contains 50 recipes, ranging from hearty soups, to rustic French, Italian and Dutch dishes, to a section on foraging; but also gives snippets of
information on each recipe, for example; how the chocolate truffle was
invented, why carrots are orange? etc.
The book is intended as a rough guide, encouraging its readers to try cooking on their woodburner when they have time, but equally it can be used as a standard recipe book.
This book is a way of bringing that desire for ‘The Good Life’ into everyday living.

After my BSc Hons in Politics and Sociology, I went on to study an MSc in Personnel Management and Business Admin at Aston University. I subsequently worked as a Marketing Manager, writing, proofreading and editing articles and marketing materials. I then re-trained as a proofreader at King’s College London and set up my own proofreading business.
After my fourth child, I re-trained again as a swimming teacher and now run my own swim school. In my spare time I have written this book, inspired by my experience of cooking without power in our kitchen. I live in Sussex with my husband and four children.

Paperback 235 x 156mm 70 pages
7 colour photos and 7 line illustrations
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-60-4

Price £7.99

Book 164 Image


by Rev John Coker Egerton

Taken from the 1923 edition with a foreword by Seila Kaye-Smith. First published 1884, the author was rector of Burwash in the 19th century. 8 photos. He was rector of Burwash & opens the book with this prophetic statement: ‘In a few years' time the manners & customs of Sussex men, women & children will have passed away as utterly as pack-horses & stage wagons. Round frocks (smocks) will be extinct, & with them the characteristics of mind, thought, and speech which round frocks betokened. I well know the change must come, but I own that I look forward with but little satisfaction to the time when our boys & girls will all speak a uniform language prescribed by the Committee of Council on Education, & when our men & women will think only just as other people think.' He was a keen observer of the Sussex ‘peasant' - “I knew she was old, Vicar, because her flannel petticoats were made of silk!” Extracts from the parish registers.

Appendix: History of Burwash.

Paperback 210 x 148 mm 160 pages
8 B&W photos
2005 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 98 9

Price £9.95

Book 48 Image


by Clive Bennet

Introduction by Shirley Collins. This book outlines the development of the folk song movement across Sussex from Chichester to Hastings with a detailed survey of theclubs in the densely populated central coastal area around Brighton. This ranges from the first Brighton skiffle club through the variousother sessions in Brighton, Worthing, Eastbourne and Lewes up until the start of the new millennium. Within these pages are over 200 illustrations together with details of virtually all the clubs, venues, organisers and resident singers featured in the area for the past forty years.

Paperback 220 x 150mm 200 pages
2002 Country Books
ISBN 1 898941 78 5

Price £14.95

Book 49 Image


by Nathaniel Paine Blaker

First published 1906. Nathaniel Paine Blaker was born at Mays, in Selmeston in 1835, a farm was owned by his maternal grandfather, Joseph Fuller. His father was a farmer, a member of a family who, for 300 years, had been owners of land and agriculturists at Portslade, Kingston and Shoreham. During Nathaniel's first year, the family moved to Perching in Edburton. He was sent to a school run by Miss Lee in Lewes when he was eight, and a year later he went to Steyning Grammar School where he developed a love of shooting. Leaving school at 16, he began learning farming, but after a year he asked his father to place him as a pupil at the Sussex County Hospital. He was apprenticed for five years to the house surgeon, the last two to be spent at Guy's Hospital, London. In 1859, he was appointed assistant surgeon to the Convict Hospital in Lewes. In 1860, he became house surgeon at Brighton and Hove Dispensary, becoming house surgeon to the Sussex County Hospital in1864. In this collection of essays he writes of the last half of the 19th century. There are extensive pieces on Steyning, Lewes and farming. His thoughts on bringing up children would not be considered ‘PC‘ in today's terms - he remarks that the traditional Christening gift was a cane! Spare the rod…

Paperback 210 x 148 mm 156 pages
2007 Ashridge Press/Country Books
ISBN 978 1 901214 84 0

Price £12.50

Book 50 Image


Man’s inhumanity towards man…
Philip Pavey

In contrast to the pre-Reformation saints, whose acts furthered civilisation and humanity as well as the Christian faith, the heroism of these sixteenth century lives has been tempered by the barbarity inflicted and endured – between people who were all Christians. How could our ancestors be so incredibly cruel; would the martyrs on each side, heroic though they were, have approved of the same treatment given to their counterparts?

Holy Sussex · St Wilfrid · Dicuill, St Brighthelm · St Cuthman · St Lewina · St Dunstan · St Leonard · St Richard · Sussex Protestant Martyrs ·
Sussex Catholic Martyrs · St Philp Howard

Paperback 234 x 156mm 66 pages
Fully illustrated with black and white photographs
Country Books

Price £6.99

Book 124 Image



by Rev. K. H. McDermott

This book was first privately published by the Rev. K. H. MacDermott in 1922 as SUSSEX CHURCH MUSIC IN THE PAST and printed by Moore & Wingham of Chichester. He was rector of the parish of Selsey in West Sussex, and as a young man, he had met and corresponded with gallery musicians born in the 18th century. Here is an account of the old Singers and Minstrels, the Bands, Psalmodies and Hymn-books of Sussex Churches from the end of the 17th Century to the latter half of the 19th Century. There is an appendix on the author's collection at the Sussex Archaeological Society in Lewes and a FREE CD of thirteen traditional Sussex carols performed by ‘Hope in the Valley' recorded in 1983. CD Contents: These carols were collected and collated by Dr Vic Gammon. This performance by ‘Hope in the Valley' - a group of singers and musicians from all over Sussex, and directed by Mary Motley. It was recorded in the Spring of 1983 by Mike Howell. The recording is dedicated to the memory of John Ticehurst, a founder member of the group who died in January 1983.

Paperback 210 x 148 mm 128 pages
Free 13 track CD.
Ashridge Press/Country Books
ISBN 978 1 901214 73 4

Price £14.50

Book 53 Image


Richard Marsh

A Victorian gothic horror novel first published in 1900.

An introduction by Shaun Cooper contains a lot of new information on Marsh.

John Ferguson has a dream in which his friend Edwin Lawrence is attacked in the night by a laughing female fiend. He wakes up to find a beautiful, mysterious woman stepping into his room through the window. She is covered in blood and cannot remember her name. The following morning, Lawrence is found dead, his body and face slashed beyond recognition…

The author lived in Sussex from 1891 until his death in 1915.

Paperback 198 x 129mm 256 pages
A must for readers who like thrillers!
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910789-41-3

Price £9.99

Book 155 Image



by Henry Cheale, Jun.

Facsimile of the first edition of 1901. An invaluable document for those searching their family tree. Alfred the Great and Catherine of Aragon both owned manors in the village. On the basis of this, the author believed that the king spent much time here and that “Wings Place” or the “Old House” is a fragment of a palace built by Queen Catherine! Ignoring these flights of fancy, the book is otherwise thoroughly researched. Contents include: Ancient Ditchling and the manors, Ditchling Park, old inhabitants, miscellaneous notes, St Margaret's Church, rectors and vicars, monumental inscriptions and memorials, the Meeting House, the ‘Jernal' of a Ditchling man, and the neighbourhood. Subsidy rolls 1378-9 for Ditchling, Strete Hundred 1549, Ditchling 1562, 1600, 1623, Ditchling wills at Lewes 1541-1640, Ditchling administrators. 1578-1640, Ditchling Churchwardens 1638-1750. The appendices include: family trees of the Chatfield family, the Attrees of Wivelsfield and the Pooles.

Paperback 183 x 125 mm 184 pages
12 illustrations by Arthur B Packham.
2004 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 89 7

Price £9.95

Book 63 Image


Lynn Lawson

The view of Seaford Head from the promenade is the defining image of this seaside town. In photographs of this view taken in the first half of the twentieth century, a distinctive house can be seen, standing in isolation on the cliff. The history of this building reflects the history of Seaford and the country as a whole during this turbulent period, which witnessed two world wars; the emancipation of women; and the arrival of the car, cinema, and low cost ‘package’ holidays.

This book tells the story of that ‘house on the cliff’ – built in the reign of Queen Victoria, demolished in the 1960s, but with traces of its
existence still visible on Seaford Head today.

68 B&W and 34 colour illustrations

Paperback 245 x 170mm 120 pages
For all Sussex historians
Country Books

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by Dick Richardson & Doris Spicer

A short biography of Ron Spicer, Sussex herdsman & folksinger. Ron worked on a farm near West Hoathly all his life with a herd of Guerneys, and achieved his life's ambition - to win best of breed at the South of England Show - just before he died.

Forewords by Baroness Trumpington & Vic Smith.

Paperback 200 x 210 mm 64 pages
27 B&W photos
1997 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 06 4

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Alex Askaroff

The midnight hour had come and gone and upstairs in Eastbourne’s favourite sewing shop came the sound of gentle snoring from the shop’s owner, Albert Cade. Albert blissfully hugged his pillow and giggled away to himself, dreaming dreams that only the happiest of people ever dream.

Follow Albert and his magic sewing machine on the best day of the year as he and his beloved dog Sylko prepare for The Grand Ball. With Ragtail, Squealer and Stinker, the three shop mice creating havoc – it will be a day that few will ever forget.

Paperback 230 x 155mm 48 pages
A fantasy story for children
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-57-4

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by Marcus Woodward

First published 1938. Sussanah Hooker was born in 1814 at Smallfield Place, Surrey. She married Mr Stacey of Stantons and ruled her household at East Chiltington with a rod of iron. She died in 1893 and is buried at Westmeston in East Sussex. There is an introduction by Arthur Beckett. Contents include: Receipts for Food for the Poor, Life at the Farm, Directions to Servants, Ornaments for Grand Entertainments, The Doctor, The Squire, The Parson, Grandma, the Sorceror, Pickles, Preserves and Candies, Grandma's Herb Garden, Vegetables and Herbs, Rural Worthies, Cullis, Sauces and Eggs, Grandma holds her Court, Distilling Cordial Waters, The Good Things of Sussex, Puddings and Savouries, etc., Wine-Making Day, Home-made wines, Punches, etc., A Tale of a Wash-Tub, Family Receipts, Baking Day, Baked Puddings, etc., The Household Gods, Necessary Knowledge, Christmas Gambols, Creams and Syllabubs, The Sign of the Old Thatch, Buns, Black Caps, and Snow Balls, etc.

Paperback 210 x 148 mm 187 pages
Black and white photosgraphs.
2004 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 88 0

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Shaun Cooper

Sheila Kaye-Smith was a Sussex writer. She wrote more than 30 novels, most of them set in that county, and some in Kent, and she also wrote short stories, poetry, articles, and non-fiction books. One of her most popular novels was made into a film. This new biography about her contains a lot of original research, as well as excerpts from book reviews, articles, interviews, and other sources. Highlights will undoubtedly be the quotes from and plot descriptions of two unfinished novels; details about some of her lesser known stories, as well as the sections about Baa, Trimmer and Pearl, Platnix, The Lodge, Old Gadgett, City Red, The Fairy Housemaid, The Little Flower, the gleams, and, of course, the Shining Cord.
Picture Gallery (in full colour), Production Notes, and Easter Eggs.

Paperback 210 x 148mm 214 pages
Biography of Sheila Kaye-Smith 1887-1956
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-47-5

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Facsimile of first edition 1909
by Henry Cheal junior

“The days have gone by when sailing ships of large tonnage were launched at Shoreham. The vast strides made in marine engineering and the building of steamships long since silenced the once busy yards so far as the building of sailing ships is concerned, though indeed, as we shall have occasion to observe later, the industry of yacht-building still flourishes.Ship-building flourished in Shoreham from an early date, down to our own day, but some thirty years have now lapsed since the last merchant ship went off the stocks. Of all those that had been built, two only have been seen in the Harbour within the last two or three years, but in this (1909) year's registers no vessels built by any of the old Shoreham builders are given as now existing. This being so, it seemed to the writer something of a reproach that some attempt had not been made to rescue from partial if not entire oblivion, a record of these wood-built sailers, which were indeed so famous in their time that none of their size could beat them.”
Henry Cheal junior 1909.

Contents: The River Adur; Ancient ships and mariners; Shoreham pirates and privateers; The flight of the King; The Shoreham men-of-war and their commanders; The Shoreham merchant ships; Shoreham shipwrecks and disasters; The oyster fishery; Smuggling at Shoreham; List of master mariners at Shoreham.

Paperback 220 x 140 mm 141 pages
16 half tone illustrations
ISBN 978 1 906789 20 6

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by Rev Henry de Candole

A facsimile of this classic first published in 1947. The beginnings of Henfield; Saxon and Norman times; the manor of Stretham; communications - river, road and rail; the church and village in the middle ages; the Bysshopp family; Elizabeth I to the civil war; Henfield Place and the Holneys; old Henfield papers; the church in the 18th and 19th centuries; village life, trade and industries; houses, inns and schools; references, index.

Paperback 220 x 136 mm 207 pages
9 photographs
2005 Ashridge Press
ISBN 978 1 901214 48 2

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by Henry Cheal

Facsimile of the first edition of 1921. The history of Shoreham from early times with references to the surrounding area, Lancing, Steyning, etc. The Saxons; the town & harbour in the Middle Ages; watermills & windmills; Old Erringham; early deeds of the Blaker, Monk & Bridger families; De Braose & De Mowbray families; fairs & markets; inns; bungalow town; suspension brudge; ancient religious houses; the ancient ferry; the Marlipins; forgotten street names; smugglers; ship building; etc. Index. Line illus by Arthur B Packham.

Paperback 200 x 138 mm 286 pages
Folding illus map.
2005 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 96 5

Price £14.50

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Dick Richardson

A collection of culinary receipts and others, for ailments of man and beast and dealing with houseshold matters. This book has three sections – from a 17/18th century household book
formerly in the library of Arundel Castle, from Susannah Stacey of East Chiltington, and finally, a selection from various sources.

The book is illustrated with fifty-eight 18/19th century engravings.

Contents include: Arundel Household Book – cakes, puddings, medical remedies, wines, preserves, pickles and sauces, soups and stews.

Susannah Stacey – food for the poor, directions to servants, pot-pourri, pickles preserves and candies, vegetables and herbs, cullis, sauces and eggs, puddings and savouries, creams and syllabubs.

Miscellaneous – savouries, fish, puddings, stews, food for Christmas. Bolster pudding, potato and cheese cakes, bacon pudding, mock pork pie, Windmill Hill thin biscuits, coager cakes, military pudding, Ripe tart, pond pudding, Chiddingly hot pot, pippin pye, rose petal jam, apple marmalade, rice and apple pudding, mackerel pudding, Claversham rissoles, ten-to-one pie, partridge pudding, Hastings gurnet, gingerbread.

Paperback 210 x 148mm 116 pages
First published in 2005 and now back in print
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-898941-99-6

Price £9.95

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Iris Watts

Theo is a handsome and contented cat living in a cottage in a Sussex village with his mistress, Jenny. A cat, proud of his Persian lineage. But one day his life changes…
Jenny’s brother, Magnus comes to stay and on leaving, sprinkles magic dust on the garden. That night all the garden statues come to life.
Sammy the fox proves a problem – until Magnus’ cat, Tim, comes to stay. The magic dust has enabled the statues and cats to talk to each other – though Cosmos is still a nuisance.

Paperback 210 x 148 112 pages
These stories are written for Children from five years old upwards and they are beautifully illust
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-08-6

Price £5.00

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