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Miscellaneous Fiction

Don Carey

A contemporary spy thriller set in Hampshire and France

Paperback 210 x 148mm 202 pages
This story will have you on the edge of your seat!
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-67-3

Price £7.99

Book 166 Image


Extracts from the West Birton Newspaper
edited by Catharine Ince

This book, it is hoped, will jog the memories of those of us that lived through the war years, and explain to those of us who were not born a little of how life was lived in those days. It is, as it has to be, a purely personal choice of articles, which appeared in the West Briton, or to give it its full title, The West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser. The book is not meant to be read from cover to cover but dipped into!
During the war there were a great many activities which were suppressed by the Government and did not appear in the papers – where the bombs fell, where the R.A.F. stations were, the use of seaports, especially Falmouth, Penzance and Newlyn and what went on there, the work of the police, the Home Guard, the A.R.P. personnel.
In the 1930’s fewer people had cameras and films during the war were almost unobtainable to the public and, because so many places were out of bounds, very few photographs exist today. The West Briton is only available on microfilm and the quality of the images is not good, so I have been fortunate in being able to access the Ellis Collection to illustrate this book.

Paperback 240 x 175mm 148 pages
60 high quality black and white photos from the Ellis Collection, Cornish Local Sturies Library
Country Books
ISBN 978 1 906789 74 9

Price £11.99

Book 116 Image


Introducing Detective Annie Macpherson
Barbara Fagan Speake

A thriller from this respected author

Paperback 180 x 110mm 380 pages
Country Books
ISBN 978 1 906789 52 7

Price £7.99

Book 114 Image


Griselda Gifford

This romantic historical story will be greatly enjoyed by young teens and adults. It is based on a true story set in 1799.

Paperback 198 x 129mm 168 pages
Coutnry Books
ISBN 978-1-906789-97-9

Price £6.99

Book 123 Image