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Miscellaneous Non Fiction

AJ Lee

In the 1980s I worked as an office temp. A chance meeting was to change my life.
Swapping typewriter, notepad and pencil for oil, talc and tissue bags. I became a masseuse (posh huh?) working in a massage parlour.
Life BEHIND CLOSED DOORS was more than you could imagine.
My encounters: Conflict with owners, bitchy women who try to sabotage me, kinky requests from punters, and a vicious, violent pimp – Dakota.

Paperback 198 x 129 238 pages
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-11-6

Price £7.99

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Don Jacklin

Expeditions to Everest and the Himalaya with stunning colour photographs.
The author was born and raised in Sheffield, a member of the Phoenix Mountaineering Club and a veteran of twenty two treks and climbs, mainly in the Himalaya. He has also climbed in Patagonia, the Tien Shan, Tibet and the Karakorum. His photographs have been exhibited at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery in 2002, and has won numerous competitions.

Paperback 210 x 297mm 106 pages
82 colour photographs and 3 B&W
Country Books
ISBN 978-1910489-53-6

Price £20.00

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Robert K Hughes LRPS

Robert was born in Newport, Monmouthshire in the fifties and grew up in a rural environment and to this day has an affinity with the countryside. His interest in photography began when he was given an Agfa Silette for his 13th birthday and used the camera for holiday snaps. However, it was not until he was in his early twenties that he became more serious about taking pictures. He soon started to process his own Black and White film and learnt to print under the guidance of his late father who was a very keen amateur photographer. Most of the photographs at this time were of holidays in Cornwall. The photo bug developed further in the early eighties when Robert purchased a second-hand Leicaflex and this started a life-long love affair with Leica.

Robert became a member of Leica Postal Portfolios (now The Leica Society) and has been an active member of the folios for at least 35 years. He
currently uses Leica M series cameras and lenses. Robert has spent the last two and a half years recording the Abergavenny Livestock Market prior to its closure in December 2013. The market has now been relocated to a
purpose built site at Bryngwyn near Raglan.

125 black and white photos printed on high quality paper.

Paperback 210 X 297mm 88 pages
Price includes £2.50 UK poastage
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-23-9

Price £22.50

Book 145 Image



by Garth Weston

The product of thirty years' research, this book offers new perspectives on the siting, design and raisons d'être of these monuments.

The central theme: these structures were care-fully placed in relation to commanding hilltops. For instance, notable landmarks lie nearly south-east, virtually south and due west of the Rollright Stones. The links between landscape features, such as rivers and watersheds, the demarcation of boundaries, and the general location of rings, rows and monoliths are examined. The monuments were also sited in relation to existing similar structures; as often as not, enclosures form alignments or stand in major directions from each other. A catalogue provides the topographical and inter-site relationships of over 1,600 monuments.

Structural and axial features indicating cardinal positions and the direction of hilltops. The use of pacing, decimal numeration, and spatial and numerical correspondences (e.g., not infrequently, the number of encircling stones is related to the number of paces used to set out the ring).

Some of the highest points in southern Britain lie in significant directions. A detailed examination of component parts (e.g., why there are 56 Aubrey Holes) and mathematical correspondences. Topographical considerations suggest new explanations for the orientation of the axis, the Station Stones figure and the attraction of the bluestones.

Two-thirds of the book is devoted to surveys of the most important and interesting monuments and their topographical and mutual relationships.

Paperback 244 x 170 mm 240 pages
Mono pictures in text and 8 pages colour plates
2007 Country Books/Ashridge Press
ISBN 978 1 901214 79 6

Price £19.99

Book 37 Image


by Hilary Turner

Now frail, fragmentary and faded, four woven tapestry maps once formed the intriguing decoration of an out of the way house. Who was the eccentric patron who commissioned this novelty of the 1590s?

How and why were the tapestries made? Who were the weavers? What does a closer examination of them add to our knowledge of Elizabethan England?

Paperback 297 x 210 mm 60 pages
Over 50 pictures mainly in colour.
The Plotwood Press
ISBN 978 0 9529920 1 1

Price £13.50

Book 40 Image



Here's one for fans of The Da Vinci Code - Why didn't Dan Brown mention the caves at Hawthornden?
by Rev. John Thompson F.S.A., Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Rosslyn

This scarce book was published in 1893 and was written by the Rev. John Thompson, Chaplain to the Hon. the Earl of Rosslyn. The author had access to documents and books in the St. Clair library, many of which have since disappeared. It remains the most comprehensive guide to the carvings in the Chapel, though some interpretations of the subjects have changed in modern times. The worn carving on the exterior of the chapel showing the initiation of a blind-folded Knight Templar with cable-tow around his neck and a sword pointing to his left breast has, to my knowledge, never appeared in print before. There are also pieces on Rosslyn Castle and Hawthornden.

This facsimile edition has been enlarged from the original publication with additional steel engravings from Black's 1872 Guide to Scotland. The Knight Templar and the two angel illustrations are from the collections of the publisher. The inclusion of Hawthornden and the section ‘To Tourists' should be regarded as historic pieces - many parts described by the author are not now accessible to the public and since the advent of the motor car - the stage coaches no longer operate!

Paperback 210 x 148 mm 88 pages
Illustrated engravings and maps and plans
2004 Country Books
ISBN 978 1 898941 92 0

Price £8.50

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Brian Gillham

In each decade following the end of World War II books have been published that take as their subject the role of science and engineering in the conflict. These books have all had two things in common. They have been concerned with the science and engineering rather than with the scientists and the engineers. In addition the scientists have been overwhelmingly physical scientists. The Chance of War has been written with a focus on the men and women who did the work whether they were chemists, engineers,
nutritionists, pathologists, physiologists, physicists, psychologists or had left school with very little scientific education. Each chapter takes as its text an individual or small group of individuals and places their wartime efforts in the context of their life’s work: how they were in a position to take the chance of war and how their wartime experience led to post-war fulfilment (or in some cases failure).

Paperback 244 x 170 478 pages
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-906789-83-1

Price £20.00

Book 132 Image


A must for Pagans!
Susan Hegedus

The medieval churches of Essex house one of history’s best kept secrets. They are frequently inhabited by a mysterious carving of an ancient male head, with foliage, usually oak leaves emerging from its mouth, ears, nose or eyes. He is surprisingly common in Essex, has many guises and is concealed in nooks, roofs, sometimes barely discernible on fonts, but may also be found lurking on roofs, walls, and hidden niches of churches.

Places featured:
Mountnessing; Coggeshall; Bulmer, Blechamp St Paul; Kelvedon; Great Canfield; Birdbrook; Waltham Abbey; Shenfield; Matching; West Hanningfield; Colchester; Great Sampford; Finchingfield; Little Leighs; Maldon; South Ockendon; Great Dunmow; Great Braxted; Henham; Little Dunmow; Margaretting; Stock; Thaxted; Sheering; Herongate; Matching; Stock; Toot Hill.

Paperback 156 x 234mm 62 pages
Landscape format with 49 mono photos
Country Books
ISBN 978 1 906789 60 2

Price £7.99

Book 108 Image


by Natalie Tilson

Many people think about writing a book, but very few actually achieve that ambition. Natalie Tilson is a 13 year old schoolgirl and she did just that, without even her father being aware of what she was doing. He imagined that she was busy studying for her school homework! Natalie has always been interested in military affairs. She has an uncle who was a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) in the Second World War and her godfather is currently in the Mercian regiment. They had talked about their experiences during their time in the army. She has also watched the horrific reports on television, of the dead and wounded soldiers in Afghanistan. She explained that she “Just sat down and decided to write the story and her mind somehow got into the minds of the soldiers. I didn't have to think about what to write next, it just came into my head.”The story is about a brother and sister, who both enlisted in the army and, much to their parents' dismay, were posted to the battle zone in Afghanistan. Natalie describes the initial training as “Hell on earth, it was bloody torture, just like being in the Tower of London except you were torturing yourself, It was madness.” She also describes their departure from the UK as “Not your normal check-in, we had to give DNA and have our picture taken, most people call it the Death picture. Any guesses why?” She also drew most of the illustrations, using both pen and ink and watercolours. The most difficult obstacle was getting permission to include photos taken at the National Memorial Arboretum, but once they had seen Natalie's manuscript, they readily gave their consent, with the provision that an acknowledgement be included in the book. Each chapter is also headed by the Help the Heroes emblem, which depicts two soldiers carrying a colleague on a stretcher.

The proceeds from the sale of the book will be divided between Help the Heroes, a worthy charity which helps injured soldiers and the National Memorial Arboretum, a special place where people can go to remember their loved ones.

Paperback 210 x 148 mm 40 pages
Illustrated colour and mono photos and drawings by
Country Books
ISBN 978 1 906789 37 4

Price £7.00

Book 72 Image


An Illustrated Guide to the Mosaic Views on Tunbridge Ware
Howard Rockley

Anyone with an interest in antiques who has looked at a Tunbridge Ware mosaic view and wondered what, where and how, will find this an indispensible aid. Briefly describing the changing techniques of construction over time and the difficulties of attribution to a particular manufacturer, it illustrates 58 topographical views, ranging from the frequently encountered to the very rare.
116 colour and 2 black and white photos

Paperback 210 x 148mm 72 pages
Country Books
ISBN 978 1 906789 73 2

Price £16.50

Book 115 Image


Terence Whippy

The story of a seventeen year old boy who joined the navy in 1918 and was demobbed in 1919. He volunteered for service again in 1940 and after serving on HMS Montclare was posted to the ill fated and poorly constructed HMS Dasher, this proved to be fatal for him and 378 crew mates when she blew up.

22 B&W and 2 colour illustrations

Paperback 234 x 156mm 58 pages
A mystery from World War Two – still unsolved
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-66-6

Price £7.99

Book 165 Image