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Shaun Cooper

This book contains over sixty Sussex witch legends. Most of them appear in their original texts, and many are narrated in dialect. The county has a wide range of the different types of witch legends that have been recorded throughout Britain, and indeed, few Sussex witch legends are unique to the county. With this in mind, the author also looks at the witch legends of other counties, and so the book is essentially a comparative study of British witch legends - seemingly the very first one - but it has a strong Sussex bias, and near the end, some chapters about the history and distribution of witch legends in this county.
Some of the Sussex witch legends in the book have appeared in previous books about Sussex folklore, but Cooper has managed to unearth a number of very obscure ones too. Other subjects covered are Roman roads, and legends of fairies, the Devil, and dragons.

Paperback 210 x 148mm 206 pages
THE book on Sussex Witches
Country Books

Price £12.00

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Richard Marsh

A Victorian gothic horror novel first published in 1900.

An introduction by Shaun Cooper contains a lot of new information on Marsh.

John Ferguson has a dream in which his friend Edwin Lawrence is attacked in the night by a laughing female fiend. He wakes up to find a beautiful, mysterious woman stepping into his room through the window. She is covered in blood and cannot remember her name. The following morning, Lawrence is found dead, his body and face slashed beyond recognition…

The author lived in Sussex from 1891 until his death in 1915.

Paperback 198 x 129mm 256 pages
A must for readers who like thrillers!
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910789-41-3

Price £9.99

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Shaun Cooper

Sheila Kaye-Smith was a Sussex writer. She wrote more than 30 novels, most of them set in that county, and some in Kent, and she also wrote short stories, poetry, articles, and non-fiction books. One of her most popular novels was made into a film. This new biography about her contains a lot of original research, as well as excerpts from book reviews, articles, interviews, and other sources. Highlights will undoubtedly be the quotes from and plot descriptions of two unfinished novels; details about some of her lesser known stories, as well as the sections about Baa, Trimmer and Pearl, Platnix, The Lodge, Old Gadgett, City Red, The Fairy Housemaid, The Little Flower, the gleams, and, of course, the Shining Cord.
Picture Gallery (in full colour), Production Notes, and Easter Eggs.

Paperback 210 x 148mm 214 pages
Biography of Sheila Kaye-Smith 1887-1956
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-47-5

Price £12.50

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