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Evelyn Foster

Fairytales as Dickens said, help and comfort children ( and adults ! ) more than anything. Readers are reassured by Rapunzel finding resources in herself ( her hair ! ) and by someone as small as a child being able to outwit a giant. The happy endings, in particular, give readers hope for their own futures. This collection contains one where the hero is a doctor, and another where a boy and his grandmother triumphantly survive a plague.

It’s notable too that many fairytale heroines have to spend time in lockdown – in towers!

The book also, of course, aims to give pleasure to all those children who love the Frozen films!

Heroes and heroines of myth and fairytale are unselfish. They are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the community. These stories feel especially apt today.

So it’s great if both adults and children can enjoy them, as part of our common international heritage, and be inspired by their pleasure and its purpose. If we do, we may finally create a world in which we can all live more happily ever after ...!

The writer has lectured on myth and fairytale at the Royal Festival Hall, helped plan women of the world festivals at the Southbank Centre, and given myth and legend workshops at the British Museum.

Illustrations and Decorations by Arthur Rackham

Paperback 198 x 129mm 60 pages
She has also played an amazing amount of good fairies and Fairy Godmothers!
Country Books
ISBN 978-11-910489-75-

Price £7.99

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